Destination Wedding Photography in Morocco

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It’s getting darker in the evenings and colder and wetter so I thought I’d share a little sunshine!

Here’s a wedding that I photographed in Morocco over 6 years ago (wow that time went fast).


Destination Wedding Photography


I don’t tend to do that much destination wedding photography but I always enjoy it when get the opportunity. Being a photographer and led by light it’s amazing how the quality of light varies from country to country. I’ve photographed in Italy, Sweden, Norway, France, Denmark, Germany and even Latvia and the quality, colour and ‘feel’ of the light is different for every country.

Maybe I’m biased but I must say if you like a challenge (and I do) photographing in the UK makes you work the hardest… finding great light is not easy even in the height of summer. When you do destination wedding photography to countries blessed with amazing light half your job is done for you!

Anyway here’s a little peep at Zoe + Adam’s destination wedding in Morocco. I photographed this over 6 years ago so please view with ‘kind eyes’, I’ve honed my approach and photography in the intervening years and like to think that I get better with every subsequent wedding I photograph… still it’s great to see some gorgeous sunshine and African sunsets.