Cheltenham Wedding Photography – Rob & Joanne

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Here’s a quick peek at Rob and Joanne’s Cheltenham wedding photography at The Queen’s Hotel in the centre of that beautiful town.


First Time for Cheltenham Wedding Photography


I’ve photographed weddings throughout the UK for the past 10 years and amazingly this is the first time I’ve photographed a wedding in Cheltenham! It’s certainly a place I’ll be wanting to return to.

As you’ll see from the photos Rob and Joanne’s wedding was a great looking day – gentlemen always look great in tuxedos – and I know they wanted it to be relaxed and joyful, which is one of the reasons they hired me to photograph it. No posing, no making people ‘do stuff’, no set-ups pretending to be at a wedding – that’s how I work and that’s what they wanted for their day.

Rob had been following my Instagram feed quite closely and I did feel a little pressure to get those killer photos that make it to Instagram.


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But I knew had to put that out of my head on the day and work in the way I always do. I think you can get distracted looking for the ‘awesome’ shot that will play well on social media and forget about what is happening in front of you – it’s a trap that is all too easy to fall into.


Telling the Story in a compelling way


What I did on the day was photograph the story and trust that I’ll be telling it in an interesting and compelling way, and hopefully get some great stand alone images along the way.

Any way, I’ll be editing the wedding fully next week but in the meantime I couldn’t resist sharing a few photographs that I liked while I was shortlisting those I was going to edit.

Have a peek at the preview of Rob & Joanne’s Cheltenham wedding photography…


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