Cambridgeshire Village Hall Wedding – Amy+Sam

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Between Christmas and New Year I photographed a fabulous home made village hall wedding in Swaffam Prior – which is a little town in Cambridgeshire.


A Cambridgeshire Village Hall Wedding


Amy+Sam really wanted their day to be their way so they did the whole thing themselves. There is a beautiful church in Swaffam Prior that no longer holds services but was ideal for them to marry in, with a friend taking the service. Family and friends had descended on the village the day before to decorate the church and the village hall – this ‘hands on’ approach to getting married can really make the day very special. It also means that when I photograph I very aware of the contribution everyone has made and I try to reflect that in the photos I make.

Everyone comes together to contribute


I’ve photographed a few home made weddings and it always adds a layer of togetherness and involvement for everyone attending. Back gardens, marquees, open fields, village halls, community centres, festival sites – they’ve all been the backdrop to weddings where everyone has come together to contribute to the day. It’s always very special.

Have a peek at Amy+Sam’s Cambridgeshire Village Hall wedding. There is a slideshow at the bottom of the page if you want to see more photos of their gorgeous day.


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