Browsholme Hall Tithe Barn Wedding Photography

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On Saturday I ventured to the Ribble Valley in Lancashire for the wedding of Amy & Paul at the lovely Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn. It’s the first time I’d been there to do any photography and it’s always great to find a new place to photograph.


Sun shines for Browsholme Hall Tithe Barn Wedding Photography


Paul and Amy had planned a great day. The weather had threatened to wash us out all week but come the day even the sun played it’s part. It certainly helped people get in the mood for Dolly’s Delights Ice Cream van that was in attendance after the ceremony and for the vintage Photo Booth that set up in the courtyard as the sun was setting.

Most of the weddings I photograph are in venues that a new to me – some are one off ‘pop up’ venues (back gardens, rented fields and even a shop front in Bethnal Green) or in venues that couples can plan the day that they want. What seems to be most important to the couples getting married is that they can design the day the way they want it and not have a timetable or format imposed on them by a venue. Independent thinking couples want unique photography of their day and not to be herded around for photographs. I love my couples!

The brides and grooms (or grooms and grooms/brides and brides) I work with tend to want me to photograph their weddings because my approach is to tell the story of the day they are having and not to reproduce photos that they have previously seen at a chosen venue.


I never fall into the trap of ‘knowing’ how a wedding works


I do go back to places I’ve photographed at before but it’s always at different times of year and obviously with new couples – so I never fall into the trap of ‘knowing’ how a wedding works at a place and looking for photos I’ve previously taken there.

Anyway have a quick peep at Amy & Paul’s gorgeous wedding at Browsholme Hall & Tithe Barn – I think you’ll agree it looks a fabulous day!


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