Bridal Prep Photography At Home

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I love making my wedding photography specific and personal to the couples that I work with.

Sometimes a bride will apologise that she ‘only getting ready at home’ or ‘I’ll be at my parents’ instead of a swanky hotel or gorgeous rented cottage in the countryside – but this can MAKE the photography of this part of the day for me.


Childhood Homes are packed with Significance


It’s actually THE most special place they could have chosen – it’s personal and specific to them.

If it’s a childhood home that the bride grew up in then it’s packed with significance. Family photos, familiar furniture, childhood memorabilia – juxtapose that against the wedding day paraphernalia of flowers, dresses, make-up, hair dressers and bridesmaids rushing about then you have a powerful story to tell right there.

What’s important to people is Paramount


I’m sharing some photos from Emily’s wedding day. The ‘getting ready’ part of the day took place at her parents’ house where she grew up – her father lives there now, Emily’s mother having passed away a few years before the wedding. I didn’t know this going into the day but taking time to talk to everyone on the day and asking Emily’s father about all the paintings and photos that adorn the walls (mostly painted and produced by his wife) you learn about what is important to people and can add it as a layer to the photography.

This is where a family home wins over a beautiful hotel suite or amazing Air B&B – there is already a whole lifetime packed into the background of the photographs. All I do is add the story of the day on top.


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