The Veil being put onto The bride on her wedding morning

Wedding Photography : Moment By Moment – The Veil

I photograph weddings a lot for couples who want to have their own day in their way but I always see elements of ritual creeping into any day – and I think it’s a great thing. It connects us.

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Bride arrives in a Morris Minor at Liverpool City Centre wedding

Sefton Park Palm House Wedding Photography : Fria & Shaun

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Bride and Groom and confetti at a Birtsmorton Court Wedding in Worcestershire

Birtsmorton Court Wedding Photography in Worcestershire

At the beginning of October I joined Marissa and Nick to take their Birtsmorton Court wedding photography – a lovely place to photograph a marriage.

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Relaxed candid London wedding photographer

Wedding Photography : Moment By Moment – The Bride’s Speech

I do love it when a bride steps forward and addresses everyone – there’s an equality that says I don’t need anyone to speak on my behalf and ‘we’ welcome you to ‘our’ wedding day.

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First dance for Bride and Groom a Great John Street wedding in Manchester

Great John Street Wedding Photography in Manchester : Nat & Matt

Here’s a little peek at Natalie and Matt’s Great John Street wedding photography in Manchester from May 2016. Take a peek.

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Wedding guests arrive at Normanton Church in Rutland black and white photos

Normanton Church Wedding Photography in Rutland: James & Amy

Between Christmas and New Year I joined Amy & James to take their Normanton Church wedding photography in Rutland. What I love about Winter weddings is the low, warm light that you get at that time of year.

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