Blackwell Grange Wedding Photography – Naomi & Elliot

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Imagine a beautiful sunny Saturday in Stratford-uopn-Avon at the end of May. The church in the centre town is booked for a wedding – it’s the magnificent and beautiful Holy Trinity church that’s usually swarming with tourists as it’s where Shakespeare is buried. It’s cool inside and a gospel choir is singing, friends and family are arriving in summer dresses and wide brimmed hats (some men are sweating in suits). This was the start of Naomi and Elliot’s wedding day that I was fortunate to photograph for them.


Candid Photography on the banks of the Avon


After the ceremony everyone gathered to congratulate the couple on the banks of the Avon before heading off for buses to transport them to Blackwell Grange – an exclusive barn venue in the tranquil Cotswolds countryside.

Relaxed Blackwell Grange Wedding Photography


It was a great wedding to photograph. The day was relaxed and full of colour, which suited my candid documentary style perfectly. We took a few family photos before the wedding breakfast at Blackwell Grange but just by stepping aside and not stealing anyone away. I never want photography to get in the way of the wedding and the richer photos are the ones that evolve naturally throughout the day.

Have a peek at Naomi and Elliot’s day –
and if you want a more in-depth look click on the slideshow at the end.


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