Best Wedding Photography 2017 : Favourite Photos

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Here’s a little look back at my best wedding photography from 2017.

I say best, that’s a very reductive term. I simply looked back through everything I’d photographed last year and picked MY favourite photos. It might not the ones that I’m supposed to include in order to attract every bride and groom on the planet to my photography (there are very few photos of ‘stuff’ or portraits) but it is the photos that best represent the way I work and what I look for on a wedding day.


So Many different types of wedding


Last year I worked with some great couples and got to photograph so many different types of wedding – small, home-grown affairs with a few family & friends through to enormous weddings in very large venues and everything in-between.

That’s what I like about the way that I work – I’m not looking for a ‘type’ of wedding but just people that want the relaxed, unposed way that I work throughout the day.

 Weddings are about People not places


For me weddings are always about people and not places. I love the celebrate the choices couples have made about the sort of day they want and reflect that in the photography I give them but it’s always the people that make the day, not the stuff you can buy or hire…..

Anyway – here’s my look back at 2017.

38 couples, 40,000+ photos, 38 different venues, 5000 guests, 2 cameras, loads of memory cards in 278 photos…


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