Best Wedding Instagram Photography January 2019

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Here’s a little look at my best wedding Instagram photography from the end of last year.

I say ‘best’ but the measure I use is really the most engaged with and liked – I only ever share photographs I like from my weddings. My Instagram feed is intended to be a snapshot of how I work and what I look for at the wedding s I photograph.

Quite often I’m posting the quirky and individual moments from a wedding day and not just the ‘wow’ shots and recognisable motifs.


If you want to follow my wedding photography Instagram feed click on the link: Instagram Wedding Photography

The wedding photography is taken from:

A back garden wedding in Benenden, Kent.

A winter wedding in the Midlands.

A Hampden House summer wedding

A winter wedding at Cripps Barn

and a short Instagram video of an Asylum Chapel & MC Motors wedding in London.

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