Award Winning Photos – Judging Wedding Photography

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I’m thinking about the idea of award winning photos. It is never a totally successful thing to measure creative things against each other. There can be no definitive answer to the question ‘Which is best?’. You can only say ‘I prefer…’ or ‘I most respond to…’


Award Winning Photos?


I’m thinking about this for two reasons:

One: – Four of my photographs were recognised by the Editor of Wedding Photography Select to receive ‘Editor’s Choice’ Awards. 

I felt really honoured – not necessarily because I was being included in a list of the best. But because out of hundreds of really talented wedding photographers from 76 countries across the world there was something about my photography that stood out, separated themselves from the rest, enough to be noticed. 

I’ve spent the last 15 years trying to develop my own voice as a photographer and work in a way that enables me to get the intimate photography I’m looking for without consciously affecting what’s happening in front of me. Having that approach recognised is always a joy amongst a sea of stylised and posed wedding photography*.

*there’s nothing wrong with stylised and posed wedding photography, it’s just not for me.

Two: – I’ve been asked to judge the next round of the fantastic ‘This Is Reportage’ awards. An international competition that brings together some of the best documentary wedding photographers on the planet…. I’ve got to figure out my criteria for picking one photograph over another, otherwise it will be a very long list of winners.

It will be a personal response, I think, coupled with the criteria I look for when I’m photographing. Story, composition and light – when these three elements come together perfectly I can’t help but love a photograph….


Here are the ‘Editor’s Choice’ award winning photos.

If you want to see more of the weddings they are from click on the links below:

Amy+Sam’s Village Hall Winter Wedding

James+Lucy’s Asylum Chapel Winter Wedding

Sarah+Rob’s Hampden House Wedding Photography 


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