Amanda + Matt’s East Sussex Wedding

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I’m having a little look back at Amanda + Tom’s East Sussex wedding that I photographed way back in July 2016.

It’s nearly four years ago now but this is one of those weddings that has stuck in my mind. Not because anything awful happened but it’s the ‘feeling’ of the day that has persisted with me – it was relaxed, fun, through enjoyable and I ended up feeling like a guest on the day rather than a supplier. I finally thought that I had found the type of couples that I clicked with and more importantly wanted my style and approach to photography.


Show what you shoot


I’m a firm believer in showing what I love to photograph and talking about how I like to work – in order that on the wedding day I’m certain that I’m there because people like what I do and how I do it.

Not just because they felt they needed someone with a ‘post’ camera. It leaves me not having to second guess their expectations and hampering myself with any doubt – just striving to do what I love in the best way I can.

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It was a long journey to get to this stage. A lot of second guessing of what I ‘should’ be doing and how I ‘ought’ to do it. Until finally realising that it’s only in having the confidence to follow your own philosophy that you can start photographing in a distinct and original way. And it’s that distinction that creates a point of difference amongst all the photographers out there.

When I give wedding photography workshops I’m very fond of quoting the Jazz musician Miles Davis:


“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.”


And that’s how I feel about wedding photography. This wedding was one of the first when I felt I was truly ‘playing like myself’.


Here’s a look at their wedding at Wootton Farm in East Sussex – take a peek: