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What wedding photography gear do I need?


What wedding photography gear do I need? That’s a question I’m often asked. For me the simple answer is whatever you need to take the pictures you want to take.

However when I was starting out in wedding photography over a decade ago there was so much conflicting advice that I ended up buying countless bits of equipment I hardly ever used and that didn’t improve my photography at all.

I remember buying a battery pack flash booster that sat heavily on my belt  – I don’t use flash but someone mentioned it somewhere so it was a necessary buy.


You’re on your own – a new camera can’t help you


Every photographer is different and I always find it interesting to see how people work. However it took me a few years to realise that a camera or lens or flash diffuser system doesn’t make a good photograph – that comes only from inside the photographer. Certainly you find a camera that you’re comfortable with and makes the job easier, a focal length that you like but after that you’re on your own.


I’ve spent years getting rid of ‘stuff’


I’ve spent years getting rid of ‘stuff’ and stripping back to as few things as possible to photograph a wedding in the way I want. There are photographers who use even less than me but I’m happy with the amount of kit I carry for a wedding.


Inside my Camera Bag



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