A 100% Cruelty Free London Hackney Wedding

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I’ve just shared last months London Hackney wedding photography with the couple and I’m blown away by Jana and Kasia’s response:

” O M G!!!!

We are in love with it!!!

Absolutely amazing Andrew!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 “


100% Cruelty Free London Hackney Wedding


I loved the day and shared a little preview a couple of weeks ago but having now delivered the full gallery and a more extensive slideshow I thought I’d share it again!

Unique Photography for Unique Days


When couples design their own day it gives great opportunities for unique wedding photography and that’s what I’m always looking for. It’s not about creating something that looks ‘wedding-y’ but making photographs that show what’s happening in front of me – telling the story of these people, at this time, in this place. That’s the challenge. And it will be ‘wedding-y’ cause I’m at a wedding!

Have another look at Kasia and Jana’s day – it was the wedding they wanted. I hope I’ve done it justice.


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